Customer services

Bell Surgical is committed to supporting customers for requirement to purchase the best suitable equipment for surgical procedures and giving best suitable solution for equipment requirement.
Bell Surgical is always looking to develop and provide best solution to customers throughout the life cycle of the equipment. Bell Surgical always provides new products with special buy back schemes to existing customers.
Bell Surgical service team is always available 24 x 7 to answer any questions of customers related the surgical power tool before and after their purchase.
Our Technical team is trained to solve any technical issues of the product as required by the customer

General Maintenance

Bell Surgical Power Tools are low on maintenance. All power tools should be carefully handled with trained staff in the OR. All Power instruments should be regularly serviced to ensure long life of the equipment.
The attachments should be washed and dried thoroughly and silicon oil should be applied to the same.
Servicing at Bell Surgical facility includes checking, cleaning and testing of the equipment, spare parts needs to be replaced if worn out.


Original Bell Surgical Spare Parts

We only use Spare Parts which are manufactured by Bell Surgical that are specially designed for Bell Surgical Power Tools. All spare parts carry one year warranty.


Process for sending equipments for repair.

1. Please sterilize the equipment before sending it for repair.
2. Mention the serial number of equipment along with the accessories and attachment on the challan document and enclose a note mentioning the exact problem faced by the customer during the surgical procedure.
3. For warranty , safely keep the warranty letter . Warranty for Surgical Hand Piece is One year from date of sale / Purchase.
4. Please pack the instruments carefully before sending the instruments for repair as transit damage is not covered in warranty.
5. The cost of repair will be informed by Bell Surgical and should be confirmed by the customer with advance payment before any work starts.